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DEHP Authorisation under REACH

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DEHP Authorisation under REACH
DEHP Authorisation under REACH
DEHP is subject to authorisation under REACH which means it can no longer be used in the EU after
the sunset date of 21 February 2015, in any production processes including the production of articles
containing DEHP, unless authorisation has been granted.
Authorisation is granted to a particular manufacturer and their particular chain of downstream users,
for specific uses only. It may not be used by anyone else, or for any other purpose, other than that
which is specified by the authorisation.
Three EU Manufacturers of DEHP:
Arkema France
Deza (Czech Republic) and
Grupa Azoty Zaklady (Poland)
submitted Applications for the Authorisation of DEHP to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on 8
and 12 August 2013.
The public consultation on possible alternatives to DEHP started on 13 November 2013 and lasts for 60
For more information on the manufacturers applications for authorisation, and for details on how to
participate in the public consultation process, please see:
After the 60 day public consultation process, the Authorisation process continues as follows:
For more information, click HERE
ECHA’s Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) and Socio-Economic Analysis Committee (SEAC)
have appointed rapporteurs for the DEHP authorisation dossiers. The rapporteurs meet with
the applicants in a “trialogue” and discuss any questions.
The RAC and SEAC must form a draft opinion on the applications by mid-September 2013.
The applicants have the opportunity to respond to the draft opinion, and the final opinion is
published and sent to the Commission for decision-making.
The Commission considers the ECHA committees opinions and publishes a draft decision
within three months of receipt of the final opinion.
The final decision is made under the comitology process; the Regulation does not specify
deadlines for this decision.
Because these three companies sent their applications to ECHA more than 18 months before
the sunset date of 21 February 2015, they may all continue to produce and sell DEHP after
the sunset date, until such time as the Commission’s final decision is published in the
Official Journal.

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