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Circular Economy

Circular Economy - Nevicolor

Regenerated preliminary consumed industrial raw materials according to UNI 10667.


Our provided service: Circular Economy

Circular Economy is a service that we provide as a means of ecological opportunity to collect your industrial plastic waste with the purpose of regenerating it through ecological processes. This service consists in fetching your industrial plastic waste which we regenerate in granules. Our aim is to respect the environment, reduce emissions and plastic pollution by involving recycled materials in plastic manufactures.

Plastic industrial waste collection: we provide you with a container of 2x6 mt. in order to collect all the plastic industrial waste. Each time we come and collect the container filled with your plastic industrial waste giving you in turns an empty container in order to enable you to keep collecting the industrial waste. We are able to provide you with other types of containers such as octabin with capacity of 1000 kgs or big bags. We also collect grinded material for the purpose of being regrinded.

Grinding: materials are ground with specific methods in specific grind. This stage is done in order to turn back natural shapes of  material and process it with all the requirements stated by the customer. This process enable us to filter and eliminating the dust which lays on the surface of the granules.

Extrusion: materials are single- or twin screw extruded as it is set without the addition of modifiers, but if required by the customer, it is possible to add reinforcements or additives like glass fibre, elastomers or colours.

Delivery and Packaging: at the end of the Circular Economy activity the customer will choose the type of packaging which can be: in bags of 25 kgs or big bags; in octabins of 1000 kgs or on pallets of 110x130cm.
Contact us through our Inmail Box - Products Information in order to know more details about this process and talk with our consultants and get advices on the business strategies related to Circular Economy. We can help you to enhance your activity leading you to long-terms benefits!

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