Friday 19 April 2019

Silicone Spray

Silicon Spray - Nevicolor
Silicon Spray - Nevicolor

Nevisylon Red 500

We have created this formula with the purpose of enabling all the plastic products to separate from the mold by penetrating in the inner components of the product.
The product quality does not change because it does not contain any solvent.

Main Characteristics:
  • Good stability under high and low temperature;
  • Low superficial strain;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • 500 ml.
Silicon Spray - Nevicolor - Pack

Cod. BOM007010

24 pieces per box
Dimensions 28x25x40

Caution: the propellent is an extremely inflammable gas. Please, consult the safety technical data sheet about this product before using it.

Characteristics of the silicone oil:
• Method of the unity measure;
• Viscosity 25°C DIN 53015 mm2/s ca. 350;
• Density 25°C DIN 51757 g/cm3 ca. 0,960;
• Pour Point DIN 3016 °C ca. - 50;
• Flash point DIN 2593 °C ³ 300
• Refraction index 25°C DIN 51423/2 ca. 1,409;
• Review date: 28/05/2010;
• Revision index: 01;
All the data above are given for information purpose, therefore they are not under formal and unconditional guarantee.

Contents: pure silicone oil (dimethylpolysiloxane) and propellent with butane base. Chlorofluorocarbon-free (CFC).
Silicon Spray - Nevicolor

Plastic friction?

Just spray Lubrificant and it will get the balance right!
The product quality does not change because it does not contain any solvent or propellants.

Press the button while keeping a distance of 35 cm from the object in question.
Silicon Spray - Nevicolor

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