Friday 19 April 2019


NEVIQUBE - Prototyping - Nevicolor
NEVIQUBE - Prototyping - Nevicolor

Prototyping of superpolymers

We are able to manufacture SEMILAVORATI, which stand for prototypes. Their showing characteristics are high thickness/dimension and they are manufactured with particular injection molding technique. They can be involved on a variety of applications such as automotive, industrial, consumer goods, etc.

Available products:
Ixef® PARA 1022 »

Product development:
Ketaspire® PEEK »
• Ryton® PPS »
Amodel® PPA »


These products are made by injection molding tecnique and they have a lot of remarkable advantages than other semifinished products which are generally obtained by extruded techniques or additive manufacturing, these advantages are as following:
  • Functional performances which are similar to other products produced by injection molding tecnologies.
  • Orientation of the isotropic fiber, homogeneous mechanical properties.
  • No cavities or microporosities in sections even at high thickness.
  • Semifinished products which are of high thickness. They could also be produced with materials or viscosity indez suitable for injection molding.
  • Absence of thermal tensionings which varys from thickness.
  • Better processability with machine tools instead of seminifinished products that are produced with extrusion techniques.

Customized Dimensions

NEVIQUBE - Prototyping - Nevicolor

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