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Privacy Policy

Privacy notice information on processing personal data

The following notice information is drawn up in accordance with Article 13 of EU Regulation No.2016/679 (henceforth referred to as “Regulation”) concerning processing personal data of the users by accessing to the website and/or by requesting information and/or by asking for supply to the company Nevicolor S.p.a. as well as modalities and purposes.

1. Data Controller

The Data Controller is the company Nevicolor S.r.l. (henceforth referred to as “Nevicolor”) with registered office in via Maso, 27 – 42045 Luzzara (RE), that owns the website (henceforth referred to as “Website”). The Data Controller is available at the e-mail address for any further information concerning processing personal data.

2. Type of data collection

Personal Data means any operation or set of operations made with or without the assistance of automated processes which are applied in order to collect personal data or set of personal data, i.e. collection, record, organizing, structure, store, adaptation or modification, extraction, disposition, comparison or interconnection, limitation, deletion or destruction. Personal Data which are meant to be collected are as following:

Computer system and software manage the Website and collect some of the personal data during their normal activities. Therefore, Personal Data are transferred to the computer system and software as an implicit process of the IT protocol. These information are not meant to be collected for identification target purposes however they may be processed and combined with data from third parties in order to identify the users profile. To this category belong the IP addresses or DNSs of the users who access to the Website, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, time of the request, the method of the requested upload to the server, file server size, server numeric status codes (i.e. Success, Error, etc.) and all the standards related to the operating system and the IT infrastructure of the users. These data are collected in order to arrange anonymous statistics of the Website profile users and to keep track of the proper use of the Website, i.e. to prevent or locate anomalies and/or misuses. These data will be deleted immediately afterwards they are processed. The data could be used for legal proceedings if cyber felonies occur against the Website or against third parties.

Whether by willingly, explicit and optional email sending to the email addresses reported on the Website or by compiling contact forms or other wizards which are on the Website, personal data that are collected are: name, surname, email address, telephone number, residence address. In addition to that willingly personal data of the users i.e.: date of birth, nationality, domicile/place of residence, qualification and additional information are collected while compiling the “send the curriculum” box. Specific disclosure notes and consent forms will be stated in the webpage of the Website, which are placed for any particular required service. Having stated all the conditions about browsing data the User is free to choose whether to submit data or not. If the User chooses to not submit data, he or she may not see fulfillment for what he or she has requested. Nevicolor reminds the User that the jurisdiction might collect these information in accordance with the New European Regulation (GDPR) on data collection and protection. It is compulsory to provide all the data to the jurisdiction, otherwise there will be a penalty charge.

Any possible Cookie or any other tracking system involved by this Website or by third parties related to the Website, unless differently stated, they fulfil the role of identifying the profile User and record the actions of the User in order to provide all the performances that he or she requested.

The User is responsible for all the Personal Data from third parties that are published or shared by this Website. The User ensures that the Website is in a position to legally share or transmit Personal Data. The User ensures that the Data Controller is not accountable for any responsibility to third parties.

3. Nature of processing data

Data Controller manages all the Users Personal Data with any possible safety measure in order to not share, modify or destroy Personal Data without permission. Personal Data are processed with computer systems and/or computerized systems together with organizational arrangements in order to accomplish all the tasks which have already been stated in the other paragraphs of this policy. Members of the staff, members of the legal office, system administrators and all the Website staff management may be allowed to access the Data and manage all the information. They are considered as external parties (such as technical service providers, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, media companies) and if necessary they could be nominated to be Personal Data Managers on behalf of the Data Controller. The updated Personal Data Managers list is available at any given time by request to the Data Controller.

4. Purposes of Personal Data Processing

User’s Personal Data are collected in order to enable the Data Controller to carry out performances. User’s Personal Data are also collected by consent in order to:
a) Carry out requested performances and subsequent operational, technical and administration management of the relationships related to the provided services and established potential communicative relationships;
b) Enable the User to browse and visit the Website;
c) Respond to the User requests of information or assistance which are received via e-mail, telephone call or chat mail;
d) Fulfil fiscal and financial obligations;
e) Promote products and performances which are supplied by Nevicolor and/or perform a direct marketing tasks unless the User previously or later denied Personal Data Processing;
f) Carry out research, market statistics; send informative material, advertisements, trade information or surveys via e-mail or sms, and/or call centers and/or official websites of Nevicolor on social networks to enhance performances (“customer satisfaction”);
g) Prevent the User from felony conducts and guarantee safe browsing while interacting with the Website;
h) Search and recruit staff;

5. Rights and Obligations of the Data Controller

Personal Data Processing is on the legal basis of Regulation Article No. 6(1)(b) Paragraph 4 (a-b-c) and it defines that Personal Data Processing are mandatory to carry out performances. It is not compulsory to share Personal Data for these purposes however it would not be possible to accomplish the requested Performances.
All the purposes stated at paragraph 4 (d) are drawn up in accordance with Article 6(1)(c) of the Personal Data Regulation. The act of sharing Personal Data is necessary in order to fulfil legal obligations which regulate Nevicolor.
All the processes that are stated in paragraph 4 (e-f-h) are regulated by consent of the User in accordance with Article No. 6(1)(a) of the Regulation. Personal Data sharing is not mandatory for this purpose and if User denies to share Personal Data it does not jeopardize the right to request any Performance. If the User objects to Personal Data Processing for marketing purposes in accordance with paragraph 4(e-f-h), the User can reverse the act of Personal Data Processing by sending an e-mail request.
Personal Data Processing which are mentioned in paragraph 4(g) are related to keeping record of Data in order to protect the interests of Data Controller from frauds and felonies in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the Regulation.

6. Who is in charge to access Data

Personal Data that are collected could be shared, according to paragraph 4, with:
a. All the People in Charge of Personal Data Processing.
1) People, companies or professional firms involved in accounting procedures, financial, legal and fiscal activities, collection agency activities and service provision that accomplish assistance activities or consultancy to Nevicolor;
2) Delegated people that are involved in maintenance (network tools maintenance and computer-mediated communication system);
b. People, corporations or body authorities that are regulated by laws or legal order;
c. Nevicolor employees and people that are enabled to Personal Data Process with the purpose of carrying out Performances who are under confidentiality obligation or have ensured to act under confidentiality principles:
d. Business partners that are separated and independent, therefore they are enabled to manage Personal Data under confidentiality;
Complete list of all the People in Charge of Personal Data Processing is available by e-mail request at

7. Information Sharing and Cross Border Data Transfer

Some of the Personal Data may be shared with recipients who might not be located in the European Economic Area. Nevicolor ensures that Personal Data Processing which are managed by all the parties located outside the European Economic Area will act in accordance with the Regulation. Further information are available by request the Data Controller.

8. Data Retention

Personal Data processed for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 4(a-b-c) are stored for a limited time in order to accomplish the mentioned purposes. Nevicolor will process Personal Data within this period of time regulated by the Italian Legislation with the purpose of protecting its interests.
Personal Data are stored during the mentioned period of time which is regulated by the Law or legal obligation in order to accomplish the purposes mentioned in paragraph 4(d).
Personal Data are processed until the User’s understanding withdraw which is agreed with Nevicolor otherwise the regular termination of contract occurs after three years.
Personal Data that are collected in order to accomplish purposes mentioned in paragraph 4(i) are stored for four years from the time of receipt, the User can withdraw this condition at any time; all the curricula reporting sensitive information (i.e.: race and ethnic group, religion, philosophy, political or trade unions affiliation,  health condition or sex life) which do not state the consent on Personal Data Processing will determine the immediately deletion of these curricula in accordance with Article No. 6, comma a of the EU Regulation 679/2016.

Further information on the period of time for Personal Data storage and all the criteria that involve the statement concerning this period of time can be requested per e-mail to the Data Controller.

9. Cookies

Cookies are small text patterns that are sent from the Website to the User device, e.g.: personal computer, notebook, smartphone or tablet while he or she are browsing. Cookies are stored directly in the cache browser. The Website system may read and record all the cookies stored in the device cache of the User in order to gather information about the User experience.

There are two basic macro-categories of cookies, each one has different characteristics: technical cookies and profiling cookies.
Technical cookies are involved in the functioning of the website in order to enable internet browsing. Without technical cookies it would be impossible to browse webpages or to benefit from a service. For instance, technical cookies enable network connection between users and websites, moreover they could keep track of the language and display settings, etc.

Technical cookies could be divided into three categories:
- Browsing cookies, they provide regular browsing and they guarantee the correct use of the website. They enable users to buy or log in website secure areas;
- Cookie analytics, they are similar to technical cookies that are directly involved by the owner of the website in aggregate forms to record number of users and procedures of website visits.
- Browse functionality cookies, they enable the user to browse with specific settings (for example: language, selected products for sales purposes) in order to enhance browsing experience.
Profiling cookies accomplish the task of creating User profiles with the purpose of better targeting them with digital marketing plans in line with User experiences which are recorded while browsing.
Technical cookies do not require the expressly User consent according to the Italian law in force instead of  profiling cookies that require User’s prior consent.

The Website involves technical cookies with the purpose of pledging the correct functioning of the website, such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web tool offered by Google which provides cookies on the User hardware. These cookies can be sent for purposes linked to the website by the web tool supplier.
Should the User not allow Google Analytics to process Personal Data, it will be possible to change browsing settings as to the procedure reported on the helping menu of the browser.
All the link to the helping menu of the most commonly used browsers are reported below:
Google Analytics cookies can be rejected by following the procedure stated by Google (
If User does not state whether rejecting or accepting Google cookies, it will be automatically agreed the consent of processing Personal Data by Google with the above-mentioned purposes. Should the User need any further information concerning the privacy policy of Google Analytics, please visit the website.
Should the function of monitoring User’s Personal Data through cookies been disabled, the Website will be however fully available for browsing. The User should note the possibility to disable the function of monitoring User’s Personal Data through cookies by directly changing settings from the browser (check the website link

By deleting cookies from Internet browser on smartphones or tablets should the User refer to the device user’s guide.

Third parties Cookies are involved in monitoring Personal Data, i.e. cookies linked to other websites or web servers which are not linked to, in order to share information to mentioned third parties. Profiling cookies are involved too. It is underlined that mentioned third parties are independent data controllers in accordance with their privacy policies. Therefore these Cookies are regulated in accordance with third parties’ Personal Data Processing regulations, disclosure statements and consent forms (i.e. cookies selection or de-selection) of third parties as mentioned in the Cookies Measure.

The list of third parties Cookies Measures is reported as follows:

10. Additional Information on data processing

10.1 Legal Defence
User’s Personal Data may be used as proof of evidence on legal defence or during preliminary phase of trial in order to defend the Data Controller if User felonies occur.
The User endorses that the Data Controller may be asked to provide all the Data to the jurisdiction.
10.2 Specific Information
In addition to these privacy policy information, by User request regarding Personal Data Processing the Website may share additional or contextual information about specific performances.
10.3 Information that are not stated by this policy
Further information about Personal Data Processing are available anytime by contact requesting the Data Controller of Personal Data Processing.
10.4 User’s Right
User could verify at any time that Data Controller is in possession of User’s Personal Data and that Data Controller is aware of all the details and the origin of Personal Data. Should Personal Data not be truthful, User could request the Data Controller to delete, integrate, update, correct them or to make Personal Data in anonymous form. User could also request Data Controller to stop handling Personal Data that is in violation of law, User can anyway object to process Personal Data. All these requests can be asked to the Data Controller at the email address:

11. Amendments to this policy

This policy became effective on February 2019. Nevicolor reserves itself the right to change the Privacy Policy by updating and enhancing it. Nevicolor will record all the advices given by customers, partners and users.
Nevicolor will notify all the updates of this Policy whether they can be of relevant impact on the User.

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