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Field of use:
Automotive & Agricolture Consumer Goods
Polymer type:
Eco products High chemical resistance


Page dedicated to regenerated PP COPO from industrial waste materials.
Our Nevieco products stand for a cathegory of thermoplastic materials that we produce which are regenerated from plastic industrial waste. The idea of this product is to reduce production costs and carbon emissions. This product is part of our Circular Economy project that involves the following passages:
PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL WASTE COLLECTION: we provide you with a loan use container with the purpose of collecting plastic industrial waste. The dimension of containers has to be decided according to the quantity of plastic industrial waste that you eliminate and the types of container are: octabins or big bags.
GRINDING: materials are ground in specific mills and prepared for the next step that involves different processes which are required by the customers. Materials is filtered and cleaned from all the dust laying on the surface of the granules.
EXTRUSION: materials are single- or twin screw extruded as it is set or with additives such as: reinforcements, additives like glass fibre, colours or elastomers as it is stated by the customer.
DELIVER AND PACKAGING: customer can choose package among bags of 25 kgs, octabins or big bags of 1000 kgs on pallets with 110X130cm dimensions.
Each Nevieco product has special characteristics suitable for production processes of plastic components that can be involved in different industrial sectors ranging from electronics to automotive. Nevieco thermoplastic compounds are suitable for injection molding and extrusion and that enables them to cover a wide range of production processes such as automotive, electric and special components.

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