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Field of use:
Automotive & Agricolture Electric & Electronic Consumer Goods
Polymer type:
Low Warpage High chemical resistance


Arnite® A and Arnite® T: Strong and Rigid
We supply Arnite® A and Arnite® T in Emilia Romagna.
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Arnite® (A, T and blends) is a high-performance engineering plastic that shows strength and stiffness with many excellent processing characteristics. All of these properties make it well suited for a broad range of demanding automotive applications like brake booster valve bodies whose reinforced fiber-glass grades provide added strength and stiffness.

Arnite® is involved in a variety of automotive applications including connectors, sensors, gears and brake systems. This material is also available with unreinforced, reinforced and flame retardant grades and it shows a wide range of interesting properties.
The characteristics of Arnite® show extremely low moisture absorption and exceptional dimensional stability as well as excellent electrical insulation properties (at elevated temperatures and humidity).
This material shows excellent chemical resistance, good thermal resistance and heat aging properties, and high-strength and stiffness in reinforced grades.
Main Characteristics:
  • Extremely Low Moisture Absorption;
  • Exceptional Dimensional Stability;
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties, even at Elevated Temperatures or in Humid Environments;
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance;
  • Good Thermal Resistance and Heat Aging Properties;
  • High Strength and Stiffness of Reinforced Grades;
  • Easy Moldability;
  • Good Wear Resistance Properties;
  • Very Good Colour Stability.

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