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Field of use:
Consumer Goods
Polymer type:
Flexibility Flame Retardant Mechanical strength Resilient


We supply Mixvyl® in Italy.
Page dedicated to PVC materials.
Mixvyl® is a product suitable for packaging industry and it is produced by TPV Compound which offers customers a wide range of products combining excellent chemical and mechanical properties and a complete range of products for both the colors "pastel" and the innovative "metallic".
  • Bottles for cosmetics, detergents and food liquids;
  • Rigid film for packaging.
The products comply with the Regulations for food contact.

TPV Compound,  leader in the formulation and production of rigid compounds for extrusion and injection, offers its customers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of bases / color without limitation of the production lot size.

TPV guarantees that all the compounds are formulated in compliance with the regulations not only the EU, but also the main extra European markets.

The rigid compound for the building guarantee high performances both physical and mechanical allowing its use in applications for both interior and exterior. Products at high VICAT  (> 100 ° C)are available and that reproduce "special effects" such as:
  • Wood effect;
  • Metallic effect;
  • Expanded;
  • Glitter;
  • Fluorescent.
The TPV Compound products are certified:
UNI 8772 - UNI 7449 - MRS (50 years) - UL 94 (Yellow Card) - NFP 92-501 Reaction to fire M1.

They are used for the following applications:
  • Shutters;
  • Electrical Channels and General profiles;
  • Molded fittings and technical articles;
  • Mobile Profiles;
  • Extruded profiles for doors and windows.

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