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Field of use:
Automotive & Agricolture Electric & Electronic Metal Replacement Consumer Goods
Polymer type:
Flexibility High chemical resistance Resilient


We supply Sarlink® in Italy.
Page dedicated to TPV materials.
Sarlink® is a Teknor Apex product and it stands for TPV material. This product is the solution for critical applications that require superior elasticity and long-term performance. It provides a sustainable alternative to thermoset rubber in sealing applications.
Field of Application:
Transportation: Sarlink® has been a recognized brand in the automotive industry for decades, steadily displacing EPDM rubber, due to improvements in processing, design and weight reduction. It is the premier choice for flexible parts requiring long-term performance.
Main Characteristics:
  • Excellent Elastic Properties;
  • UV and Ozone Resistant;
  • Chemical and Fluid Resistant;
  • Superior Long Term Performance;
  • Adhesion to Polyolefins and other TPEs.
Building & Construction: from residential homes to commercial buildings and from highways to railways, Sarlink® can be found in static and dynamic seals, boots, membranes, expansion joints and any other building and construction products that require excellent long-term performance and shape retention.
Main Characteristics:
  • Excellent Weatherability;
  • Matte Finish with Superior Surface Aesthetics;
  • Suitable for Molding, Extrusion and Co-Extrusion;
  • High Melt Strength and a Broad Processing Window.
Industrial: Sarlink® thermoplastic vulcanizates are the premier choice for industrial products that require long-term performance in harsh environments, like seals, gaskets and industrial hose.
Main Characteristics:
  • Fatigue Resistant;
  • Chemical Resistant;
  • Matte Finish with Superior Surface Aesthetics;
  • Remains Flexible at Low Temperatures;
  • Excellent Weatherability;
  • Chemical and Fluid Resistant.

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