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Omnix® HPPA DW - Drink


Omnix® HPPA DW - Drink
Technopolymers Superpolymers
Field of use:
Drink Metal Replacement Electric & Electronic
Polymer type:
Low Warpage High chemical resistance


Omnix® HPPA DW (Drink Water)

We supply Omnix® HPPA DW in Italy.
Page dedicated to HPPA materials suitable for drinking.
Omnix® HPPA DW stands for reinforced thermoplastic compounds with high mechanical properties which makes it suitable for hot-water moldability even after moisture absorption.
This material is characterized by high stiffness and strength, very good impact properties, good dimensional stability and high flow properties. It is an economical alternative for metal replacement suitable for water applications according to EU Regulations and FDA Law.
Main Characteristics:
  • Fast Molding Cycle;
  • Good Dimensional Stability;
  • Good Impact Resistance;
  • Good Surface Finish;
  • High Flow;
  • High Stiffness; 
  • High Strength;
  • Hot Water Moldability;
  • Paintable.
  • Pellets
Processing Method:
  • Injection Molding;
  • Water-Heated Mold Injection Molding.
Agency Ratings:
  • ACS, Unspecified Rating;
  • DVGW, W270;
  • EU, Food Contact, Unspecified Rating 1;
  • FDA, Food Contact, Unspecified Rating 2;
  • KTW, Guidelines;
  • NSF, STD-51;
  • WRAS, Unspecified Rating.
  • Natural Color;
  • Black.

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