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Ixef® PARA - Resilient


Ixef® PARA - Resilient
Field of use:
Automotive & Agricolture Metal Replacement Electric & Electronic Consumer Goods
Polymer type:
Low Warpage Flame Retardant Easy Flow Aesthetic Mechanical strength High chemical resistance Resilient


PARA - Polyarylamide (PARA)
We supply Ixef® Para Compounds in Italy.
Page dedicated to PARA resilient materials.
Ixef® PARA stands for a cathegory of reinforced thermoplastic compounds. Its characteristics vary depending on product grades but its main features are as follow:
  • High rigidity: Tensile Modulus up to 23 GPa at 20°C (68°F);
  • Excellent Mechanical Stress Resistance: Flex Resistance can reach up till 400 MPa at 20°C (68°F);
  • Easy processing, in thin-walled sections too;
  • Hight Flow and processability, at high percentages of reinforcing additives too;
  • Low Injection Molding Shrinkage and High Reproducibility;
  • Injection Molding Precision, no sink marks or dimensional tolerances;
  • Miniaturized parts are possible;
  • Excellent Outstanding Surface Finish;
  • Lower Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion than the standard metal coefficient;
  • High Temperature Mechanical Resistance;
  • Tensile Modulus at 140°C (284°F) up till 7 GPa;
  • Low Creep;
  • Deformation Coefficient: less than 1% after 1000 hours under 50 Mpa pressure at 50°C (122°F);
  • Low Moisture Absorption: its liquid absorption capability has been recorded slower than Polyamid 6 and 66.

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