Wednesday 19 January 2022

Halar® ECTFE


Halar® ECTFE
Superpolymers Micronization
Field of use:
Automotive & Agricolture Electric & Electronic Metal Replacement Consumer Goods Coating
Polymer type:
High temperature resistance High chemical resistance Wear & Friction Flame Retardant


Halar® ECTFE
We supply Halar® ECTFE in Italy.
Page dedicated to ECTFE materials.
Halar® ECTFE stands for a cathegory of partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymers with a unique combination of properties for all the demanding companies.
Main Characteristics:
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance;
  • Low Coefficient of Permeability;
  • Excellent Weather Resistance;
  • Outstanding Permeation Resistance;
  • Very Good Surface Properties;
  • Service Temperature from Cryogenic up to 150°C;
  • Very Good Adhesion to the Support.
Halar® ECTFE is widely involved combined with corrosion resistance in the field of cladding and free-standing structures (such as piping systems). This is a prime product because it is fire and chemical resistant and it can be involved in wire and cable applications of all kind.
Purity, outstanding finish glow, chemical and fire resistance are the main characteristics sought by the semiconductors and photovoltaic market for wet-tools constructions.
Film Halar® ECTFE combines excellent chemical resistance, permeation and fire resistance.

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