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Amodel® PPA - Self-extinguishing


Amodel® PPA - Self-extinguishing
Field of use:
Automotive & Agricolture Metal Replacement Electric & Electronic Consumer Goods
Polymer type:
High temperature resistance Low Warpage High chemical resistance Flame Retardant Mechanical strength


Amodel® PPA
We supply Amodel® PPA in Italy.
Page dedicated to PPA self-extinguishing materials.
Amodel® PPA (polyphthalamide) stands for a cathegory of thermoplastic compounds which is remarkably stable at high temperatures and retains its excellent mechanical and electrical properties in high umidity and chemically aggressive environments. This material shows remarkable properties such as excellent high strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures, good retention of properties in humid environments and great resistance to a broader range of chemicals.
This material is suitable for metal replacement.
Main Characteristics:
  • Lower Moisture Absorption: Amodel® PPA’s lower water absorption rate results in significantly less change in strength and stiffness, even with high levels of humidity.
  • Higher Heat Resistance: Amodel® PPA boasts heat deflection temperatures (HDT) go up to 310°C (590°F) and continuous-use temperatures range from 120°C to 185°C (248°F to 365°F). It can be used to replace metal in high-temperature automotive applications.
List of chemicals this material is resistant to:
  • Bio-diesel fuel;
  • Brake fluid;
  • Calcium chloride;
  • Glycols;
  • Synthetic motor oil;
  • Road salt;
  • Sulfuric acid;
  • Transmission fluid;
  • Zinc chloride.

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