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NEVIMID® 66 Elastomer


NEVIMID® 66 Elastomer
Field of use:
Automotive & Agricolture Consumer Goods
Polymer type:
Resilient High temperature resistance Mechanical strength High chemical resistance


Nevimid 66
Page dedicated to elastomered PA66 materials.
Nevimid 66 stands for a cathegory of polyamides 66 compounds that we produce.
This product is available compounded with glass-fibers, glass spheres, carbon or mineral fibers and not-compounded. This material can be combined with elastomers with the purpose of enhance impact resistance at both high and low temperatures in order to avoid molded parts damages.
Nevimid 66 is also available with heat or hydrolysis stabilizer which make it suitable for the automotive Industry.
Nevimid brand stands for customer value which means how they perceive our products as a means of finding possible applications in the automotive, electrics/electronics, industrial or consumer markets.

We, as Nevicolor, believe that a small product portfolio of nylon 66 (PA66) can be of high competitiveness in terms of costs in order to provide the provide the most efficient service to the customer.
We are sure that our technical expertise and services can show how much effort we put in collaborating with customers with the purpose of finding possible applications for our products.

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