Sunday 24 March 2019

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Long fiber Poliammide

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Solvay introduces two new products of Omnix series with a high content of reinforcement for metal replacement.

Solvay has introduced in the portfolio two new products of high-performance polyamides (HPPA) of Omnix series with high reinforcement content: Omnix LF-4050 contains in fact 50% long glass fiber, which rises to 60% in the degree Omnix LF-4060 , both indicated for replacement applications of the metals in semi-structural applications in automotive, appliances, sporting goods, industrial components.

The Omnix series has been formulated by the Belgian group to achieve performance in terms of resistance to high temperature and hydrolytic stability than conventional polyamides 66 loaded are not able to guarantee. The rigidity is higher by 10-15% at room temperature (23 ° C), increase that rises to 85% climbing with the thermometer (120 ° C). Significantly higher also the notch resistance values ​​and multiaxial impact, thanks to the presence of long fibers in the matrix.

The two new grades are available globally in natural and black versions.

Solvya is applying reinforced with long glass fibers also to other polymers in bends, such as Amodel (PPA), Ixef (PARA) and Ryton (PPS).

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